Friday, 4 March 2016

Chinnari Pellikuthuru at the top of the TRP Ratings

There are many serials in the history of Television. But only few of the serials will be remembered forever. Some serials will be tele casted to earn money very easily. The story writers are very interested in the initial stages but after the show is keep on going on dragging the people will loose the hope and will not show interest to watch the serial again. At these moments the story writers must change their attitude. Instead of aiming the earnings they have to concentrate on the story. If the story is good, every one will get interest to watch. In order to do that they have to think in the point of the common man. If he involves as the audience then he will know how to impress them. The people of some particular region got bored of regular stories They are concentrating on the other state serials. Because they are coming up with the new concepts like Chinnari Pellikuthuru in HotStar. They may be regular in their own states but it is new to the people of the other areas. This is one of the reason why Telugu Popular Serial Chinnari Pellikuthuru is not looking backward from many years. Though they dragging the story, they are not caring about that. They are being involved in that character deeply. That is the speciality of the serial. Where as other members will make others bore with the same and routine behavior and stories. At this particular instance, the hope is coming to the new talents. Till now there is no 24 hours channel particularly for serials other wise the husband will cry in the homes if the new channels has been commenced or started for that reason. People also very keen to know what are the traditions and cultures that are being followed in other states. As they vary from region to region. One region of people celebrates some festivals whereas some people will celebrate others festivals which are not related to them. But everyone must keep a word in there mind that is what ever region they belongs to they have to respect the culture and traditions of other regions. If they do like this there will be no fights in the society. Every one must notice this and follow this to make the society safe.

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